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How to Donate

All donations are handled through our partner parishes. Please contact your Parish (or Catholic School) to make a donation or to pick-up Ewe Tubes! (not all parishes/schools use Ewe Tubes.)

Ewe Tubes hold one roll of qaurters ($10)
What is the impact of my donation?


$1     Feeds a Family of 4 for a Day

$10   Feeds a child for all of Lent (40 days) - This is a full "Ewe Tube"

$25   Feeds 100 People for a Day

$90  Feeds a Child for a Year

$250 Feeds 1,000 People for one Day


One package (picture, left) holds six meals. This is what we assemble at the food packaging event.



Ewe Tubes are not just for quarters;

they can hold cash and checks too!


We invite you to help with both the fundraising and packaging of this great event. Please look to the partner parishes/schools for information on how to donate money and check back here in Lent to sign-up to volunteer.  Any surplus monies after the event will be forwarded to local or partner food pantries!

Ewe Tubes hold one roll of qaurters ($10)
Whom should I contact?


Please call or email the youth minister at your Parish. If you are not sure who that is, check our "Partner Organizations" page or get in touch with the Feed My Sheep lead: Kevin Sullivan.


Each Parish/school is having its own kick-off for collecting donations. Check your bulletin or Parish website for details.


All Parishes will accept quarters, cash, or checks. Checks should be made out to the Parish with a memo of "Feed My Sheep". One volunteer can package $50 worth of materials in one shift!

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