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Even with the record-setting snowfall on Saturday, we managed to package 117,936 meals! Thank you to everyone who helped give of their time and/or treasure to help alleviate hunger and starvation in Central Wisconsin and South America. See you next year, two weeks before Easter!

Teens packaging the ingredients!
Who Can Volunteer?
Even kids can help by sealing bags!

Feed My Sheep is a food packaging event hosted in partnership with the Rock County Rotary. Founded in 2011, the Westside Catholic Youth Network Parishes are organizing this annual event. In our unbiased opinion, this is the most-family friendly volunteer event in the area! Almost 500 volunteers will offer their time to package meals to combat starvation and hunger.


We purchase all of the products needed for the event. Each meal costs almost $0.25 so each Parishes and schools will collect donations to pay for the food and supplies we will package at the event.


After the event, we give all of the packaged food away! This year, our plan is to ship food out to Central Wisconsin and, God willing, Ukrainian refugees!


Who can help volunteer?

We have jobs for people of any age if you are willing to follow the proven process of packaging!

The below sign-up button will "go live" Friday, Feb. 17 at noon. Connect with your friends or family now to plan your shift!

Sign Up
March 25, 2023

Feed My Sheep returns in 2023 with a goal of 125,000 meals packaged and given away! We may adjust this number depending on our fundraising campaign.

This year, the sign-up will go on Friday, Feburary 17 at noon! We can't wait for you to join in!

Our packaging day will end with a Vigil Mass to begin ~ 4:45 pm.

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